Please note by clicking on ‘Book Online’ you agree to all our terms and conditions. If your country requires you to have insurance, first aid or a music licence that is also responsibility.

If you do not pass the Safari® Instructor Training, we will refund your registration payment less a 25 euro fee charged for administration.  



Q: How do I sign up for Instructor Training?

A: Look for “Book Online” locate the Instructor Training in your city or country near you and complete the online form with your billing and participant information as well as your credit card payment details.

Note: when you sign up, a confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to create your password to access the sign in page where you will be required to send us a video of you alone teaching an Afro-beat routine choreographed by yourself. If you don’t have any Afro-beat music we will provide you with a choice of two songs on the training dashboard to choose from. Please pick one and use for your video. This video should be sent to us within 3 days of signing up for the Training.


1. Non verbal or verbal cueing 

2. Good body language

3. Good ear for music and rhythms

4: An easy to follow routine

The email and password you choose will be used to sign in to the website. If you are having trouble signing up, please send us an email with your number and our corporate office will call you within 24hrs.

It is very important that your email address is accurate. Your receipt and all correspondence will be sent to this address. Please make sure your name is typed exactly as you would like it to appear on your Instructor certificate 

Q: Do I need any other certifications before I can teach Safari® ?

A: Safari® are speciality programs, so it depends on your country. However the general rule is that you will need a basic fitness certificate. Be sure to check with your government or local guidelines in your country to see what the requirements are for you to teach group fitness classes. We licence you to use the Safari® Dance brand and registered trademarks once you are qualified to teach our format.

Q: What happens after the training?

A: After completing the Instructor Training please take your time to study the Safari® Instructor tools given to you during your training until you feel comfortable and ready to start teaching. It is an obligation that Safari® Instructors assist each other. So if necessary go to any experienced Instructor in your country and take a class, please seek advice or send us your questions to our corporate office and we will get back to you. Safari® Instructors are independent contractors, giving you the freedom to set your own schedule and agreements with your clients and venues.

Q: What is the difference between a Safari® Instructor and any other group Fitness Instructors?

A: Safari® Instructors are highly valued independent ambassadors of the brand and unlike other brands that certify the whole city, which ends up creating market saturation but still expect the Instructor to succeed. We protect the market for our Instructors to thrive in and actually succeed by carefully selecting only those we believe have what it takes to pass the certification training to become a Safari®Instructor. “Your success is our success”


Q: May I videotape or take pictures at the Instructor Training?

A: No video recording is allowed at the Training, only pictures are allowed.